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Hi, I am Amy Gannon the owner of Gannon Studios, LLC. There are a lot of reasons why I do what I do but here we go. In my childhood years, it was a family tradition to take pictures every year, and it happened each year without fail. 

Growing up, photos were a tradition that brought my family closer together and is a driving force behind the work I do today. I can still remember the excitement of deciding what to wear, how to style my hair and carefully choosing every little detail. It felt wonderful to get all dolled up to sit down and smile. I've always loved that feeling. The best part was getting the pictures up into frames and then hanging them all over the house. It made the house come alive almost instantly. That feeling is what I strive to create for my clients today. I want you to capture that feeling, that experience, that moment made just for you

The family has always been important to me. Even though I came from a small family of two, I always wanted to have a big family of my own to fit into the frame. At one point, I wanted to have 10 kids! Yeah, I know sounds extreme, right? However, I always wanted to have that big family and for my children to experience it too. The feeling of knowing that you always have a sibling there no matter what was a feeling I grew up without, and I always wanted children to have that and to know that.  And now as a mother of three, creating a family of my own is the biggest joy in my life.

Learning to live with Dyslexia has also shaped who I am. Like many people with disabilities, I bring a creative perspective to my work. Since we see the world differently, we create things differently. Writing and photography were always a passion of mine. However, I struggled to feel felt confident enough in my ability and the thought of failing at either of them made me stop for a time until my husband came into the picture. When he asked me if I could take pictures at an event he was djing, and well I took the opportunity and now the rest is history!

Contact Me

Gannon Studios, LLC

8200 NW 41st Street, Suite 200

Doral, FL  33166

Tel: 786.232.3940

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