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I came across this great article online: "8 questions you're afraid to ask a wedding photographer." Why would anyone be afraid to ask questions? Well, most of us are scared to look uninformed or don't want to scare off the photographer. It's VERY important that you get along with your photographer and being scared is not going to make for turning out great pictures.

So, we are going to answer all the questions you should ask your photographer:

1. “What do you think makes a good picture?”

Grant: I'll worry about the background and composition, just be yourself. A good shot will emote! It's a REAL moment we are capturing.

Amy: I believe a good picture tells a story, or better yet reminds of that moment and makes you smile. As much as we want a lot of posed pictures, which of course I will do, they do not tell a story. And you're not going to remember that picture, you're going to remember the laughs and the adventure.

2. “How do you tell a story?”

Grant: The faces, the emotions...again, it must emote. The props and the background have to all come together with the subject's feeling.

Amy: To tell a story you have to capture those quirky moments, those stolen kisses and kids playing the simple thing that make us remember the day.

3. “What will you want to eat for dinner?”

Grant: Something healthy but more palatable than card board.

Amy: Veggies or Fish are just perfect for me.

4. “How do you define your sense of style?”

Grant: I either want an epic or intense landscape/scenic shot or portraiture that is moody and impacting...either way it will be something to put on your walls.

Amy: Journalistic Photography, What is means: If you’re a posed picture kind of couple, then, a photo-journalistic or art house approach isn’t a match. Conversely, if you want a lot of candid, non-posed, capture-the-emotion-as-it-happens-the-first-time kind of couple, you will be in for a shock if you choose a studio photographer. I love when other photographers take the words right out of my month. Thank you

5. “What is your favorite and least favorite part of a wedding day?”

Grant: I love seeing the couple and family overjoyed and having a blast. My only least favorite part would be packing up all the gear to head home with all my energy spent!

Amy: I don't have a least favorite really, just when the crowd has had a drink too many which is totally great when you not carrying $2,000 or $4,000 worth of equipment around.

6. “How will formals work?”

Grant: I'm fine with these and I'm good at posed shots. I'll make sure everyone looks great and is lined up for a symmetrically pleasing capture.

Amy: I am not really a formals kind of gal, however if you give me a full details of who you want in your pictures. Which we will go over in the wedding questionnaire.

7. “What are your overtime policies?”

Grant: It depends on how many shots and hours their package includes. Normally it is at least $150 per hour since we're two shooters.

Amy: Each wedding is different, so the price differs, however our over time is about the same as our normal hourly rate. We do not charge double or rate if you go over time. But you never know it that will change.

8. “Where can we leave a review?”

Grant & Amy: Facebook, Google+, WeddingWire,, Yelp, TheKnot, Borrowed & Blue, Thumbtack, and even Angie's List

So, we hope this helps everyone out. Also, check out the link where the question came from and always pick someone that best fits you. Remember, you going to have to spend your most important day with them, and then afterwards for edits and prints.

Thank you for reading! Feel free to contact Grant & Amy at 754.234.1401 or

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