Why should you PRINT your digital images?

I'm a Miami, Florida based photographer. We have done so many shoots by now and we've surveyed the clients who only want digital images. It was shocking to find out they just put their files on their social media and on the computer and, well, that was the end of it. We also realized that it's because the industry has gotten us used to thinking that digital images are all we needed. So, I was thinking about this a few days ago and I thought I'd go over "Why your images should be printed."

So, why should you? Why the extra investment?

Well, computers and smart phones are definitely the future, there is no doubt about that. Everyone is going paperless,..right? However, lets first look at your smart phone. I know I have about 3487 images on my iPhone right now! WOW, I didn't know I had that much! Now there is no way I can easily see all those images without scrolling a finger off. Really, how many times do you really look at those images? Once to post it and maybe a hand full of time after to show others your cute kid pics. And the computer, please, I never look at pictures on my computer unless it's to post them.

Now, how about if your smart phone gets lost? How about when your hard drives crashes? My hard drive crashed and cost me $1009.59 (to be exact) to get my images back. AND, there was no choice, I HAD TO DO IT!!!

So, what's the solution? Think about it... print them or make an album! Put your top favorites up on your walls, large and proud. How many albums do we have from the past where all the pictures are still there and in great condition because it was printed on high quality paper?!

Now, if you take the time out of life to do a session, all the planning, outfits, hair, make up and time...it's a lot! This is an important time and investment. So, why leave it all just sitting in a computer or fading away on your social media page?

1St birthday, newborn session, a 60's birthday: these are just a few important events, Just leaving it all on a DVD or a drive that you'll put in a drawer and lose it, no fun! This is a great example of what needs to be in a beautiful album, and I know I LOVE ALBUMS! Each time I go to peoples' homes and they have an album out, I love to flip though the pages and look and see the wonderful times they had. This is before I was even a photographer.

I've had people bring out a digital slide show with just images on screen and I was bored 2 minutes in! Am I the only one?

Finally, digital formats are here today and gone tomorrow. For computers there were floppy disks or even tape back-ups! Anyone remember what a VHS is, eight track tape, or even cassette tapes? All these things have changed, however, people still have printed pictures!

To book your session and invest in your album today call or email us to get you booked!

Call us for help or questions on booking YOUR session!

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