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How to Beat the Summer Heat In Miami!

So, its August! OMG... is it hot! So, Amy where should we shoot? Well, not outside unless you want people squinting and sweaty. Now, if you're okay with that, by all means, enjoy! I know people that come from the cold love the Miami Heat, but we don't want to faint over here.

We all know Miami in summer it feel like 1000 degrees. As a Miami Photographer you have to be careful what location you choose. Not that I don't love Matheson Hammock Park, like everyone else, but in summer it's like a swamp. Yes, you get the shade, but it's close to being in the everglades. Here is another reason why one summer not long ago.... in a galaxy far, far away...(sorry I had too): We had a maternity shoot in Matheson Hammock Park and the client almost fainted on me. Well, besides the fear that ran through me was the consideration to call an ambulance. I vowed to never do it again!

So, we strongly recommend you to do a Miami Lifestyle Session. These are done in your home and in your hopefully shady backyard, so when it gets to hot we can retreat back to the AC inside. Here's a link to see what a Lifestyle session is.

Besides doing a lifestyle session, these are three locations I love to shoot at to beat the Heat!

1. South Pointe - Miami Beach, FL 33139

Okay, so this is one of our favorite, favorite locations! We have done some many sessions there even in the summer, but be aware of the following: parking is about $20 and they normally want cash, also its a good walk to get to the beach.

So, timing is really important here and the only times we shoot is sunrise or sunset. Do not come at another time as the heat will drive you insane and there is little to NO shade.

2. Kendale Lakes Park - Miami, FL 33183

Now, I know what you are thinking: Amy, you said no outside sessions and your at the second location and it's outside. Okay, you got me there. However, there are still locations that work even in the summer heat when you get the timing right! This park has a great spot which we love near the large hill, again only times we shoot is sunrise or sunset. Be aware this park is SUPER WINDY. So, this is why we can shoot there. However, your hair may pay the price.

Okay, so now I have a location that is indoors, but is also features some great outdoors spots. This location does have a fee attached to is its about $250 an hour (their price may vary). However, this location is just perfect. There offer a fabulous living room with a fireplace, a Crowfoot tub to just the cutest kitchen ever!

There is so much in the back and side yard to shoot so it's truly an all-in-one location!

Okay, those are my top favorite locations to shoot! If you have any great locations you think would be key for shooting in summer, let me know! Email me at Until next time!

**All photos are the property of Gannon Studios, LLC & will be used in our social media(all) /advertising/ website and print.

Gannon Studios, LLC are Family, Lifestyle and Child Miami Photographers!

We are not only Miami Based Photographers, we do travel!

Call us for help or questions on booking YOUR session!

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