COVID -19 is all we talk about! But, else can we do?

How being creative improves your health?

I found this article by Ashley Stahl it was terrific:

"The theory of cognition postulates that being creative is actually a basis for human life. Basically, being creative is pretty important!"

She goes over how: Increases happiness, Reduces dementia, Improves mental health, Boosts your immune system (that's important now), Makes you smarter (hell YA, I like this boss lady).

So, with everything that is going, it's like the world in on hold. While we see such a great act of kindness, we are also worrying about the future. What will be done, some of us are just not making it out of bed. I have been there. I stay in bed the whole day, sleepy and not wanting to talk to anyone. But, I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

So let's try something new, and why not we have the time now. So, I got up and got my camera and took photos, and I plan to do it at least three days a week or more to help me. While my work is more Fashion storytelling, my family stuff is more journalistic. So why not go and do that.

Now your thing may not be a photo, it might be painting, drawing, making things with your hands, but whatever do it.

But I would like to help you with photos because without photos we would not know are great grandparents, or not about the Titanic or about how people lived in the past, this is a fantastic way to documents your journey in this, your story. Your family's story.

So, I will start for those of you who do not have cameras.

  1. There is also your smartphone, first make sure to clean the lens before using it. What I use is sunglass cloth.

  2. But if you want to go bigger. Buy a camera, okay I know you like why not all cameras are $4k, some are easy to use and are not a lot of money.

Canon 6D you can find them useful or new, I love buying used so don't be scared. This is a Full Frame Camera. I use it for my Mini Session. When I got it for three years as it was a lot more money, but there are a lot more new cameras out there. 

Lens, okay, so lensing can be nuts, but I have this one lens while not top of the line; it is fantastic to work with: YONGNUO YN35mm F2 Lens 1:2, this a prime lens and is an excellent start lens. 

If you would like to get a better camera to email me and we can talk about the different cameras.

So, if you have a camera already perfect, let's learn about using it, maybe even try to use the M on your camera that you didn't also want to look at. LOL

Now starters let not add lighting yet, because that would be the next step in the process.

Would you like to be part of the zoom, there is no cost, and we can set it up, and different times of the day, you can even bring you, kids. Email me at or book it now at

🗣 If you anyone who would like to be part of the model call don't forget to add them to the group, the goal this year is to have 200 people, This is a small goal but I know with your help I can get there.

Hi, my name is Amy Gannon and I am the owner and main Photographer at Gannon Studios! Please don't mind my misspelling I have dyslexia and well I use Grammarly and my amazing touchscreen thingy on my MacBook Pro is great I still misspell a lot. If you would like to find out more about dyslexia check this out this link

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