Forget about the boys....

Why do we forget about the boys, because they don't like taking pictures?

I have not met one boy that enjoys listening to their parents yet, either with girls. But, it doesn't mean give up and be resigned to never taking pictures again.

It means to find a different way, first in any session with kids or teens, and I ask mom, dad, and anyone who came, I've got you, consider me your sitter for the next, however, moments we have together. See how it goes! The bad only word here is, why are you not smiling. We work in teams, there is me, so there is always someone on hand to help. I have found that with boys, my trick is noise, catching, yummy snacks, seeing the photo in my camera screen, or other kids, so bothers and sister always help. Must kids are motived, but at least one of these and I usually have all four on hand.

Must kids will run from one end of the set to the other, I loving seeing that, it makes must parents nervous, but don't worry, my studio is almost kid-proof, and if something breaks, who cares! Stuff happens.

I have heard this time and time again! I didn't think you would get anything, or they didn't sit still, or I thought this was going to be a disaster, how did you get that shot I didn't even see you take it.

So, that's the final and most famous track to taking photos of kids, and you should notice the camera you should just be having fun. That's what we DO! So, if your kids don't sit still, call me; I love those kinds of kids.

🗣 If you anyone who would like to be part of the model call don't forget to add them to the group, the goal this year is to have 200 people, This is a small goal but I know with your help I can get there.

Hi, my name is Amy Gannon and I am the owner and main Photographer at Gannon Studios! Please don't mind my misspelling I have dyslexia and well I use Grammarly and my amazing touchscreen thingy on my MacBook Pro is great I still misspell a lot. If you would like to find out more about dyslexia check this out this link

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Based in South Florida. we are a Miami Family, Children & Portrait Photographer 

Gannon Studios, LLC

8200 NW 41st Street, Suite 200, Doral, FL  33166

Tel: 786.232.3940

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