Hate taking pictures!

👉But, time and time again, I hear I hate taking photos. All honesty, I wouldn't say I like it too. I full hate taking pictures. Its because I try seeing my self through the glass of what Jlo looks like or another movie star. Face it, and we are set up to think only these women are beautiful. But, I say no!! I say "NO" today! Why are we so hard on our selves! Marilyn Monroe was a size 12- 16. I am sorry, but that is the full form or sexy woman to me. So, let's stop saying no. Let's take those photos, especially with our kids. 🌷My daughter Isabel is my middle kid, and she is not always with me because I share custody with her father, my ex-husband. So, I take an endless amount of photos with the other kids, but not with her. So, last week when she got home I can a surprise for her. She just thought the session would only be about her, then I changed into my outfit and said: "Do you want to take pictures with just me?" She didn't need to answer. She smiled so big that my heart melted. 🥰This is my baby, and she sometimes blows me always, she is not one for a lot of hugs, but I got one. At that moment and I knew no matter how I looked or how I need to lose those last 15 pounds, I would look great just because she loved me, and this was a fantastic moment shared only the two of us.

This is my baby, and she sometimes blows me always, she is not one for a lot of hugs! At that moment, I knew no matter how I looked or how I need to lose those last 15 pounds, and I would look great just because she loved me.

🤩What a fantastic moment that shared just the two of us, so I love each time! 👍My oldest Vcotira kept asking if she could be in the photo, and I said no, it's just Isabel today. Isabel's smile was only God worth it all. 🌷I will still think I look fat because I am so hard on my self, but my daughter doesn't see me this way, she sees me as just mom, and this is where memories and moment she will hold forever it just priceless to me.

🗣 If you anyone who would like to be part of the model call don't forget to add them to the group, the goal this year is to have 200 people, This is a small goal but I know with your help I can get there.

Hi, my name is Amy Gannon and I am the owner and main Photographer at Gannon Studios! Please don't mind my misspelling I have dyslexia and well I use Grammarly and my amazing touchscreen thingy on my MacBook Pro is great I still misspell a lot. If you would like to find out more about dyslexia check this out this link https://www.dyslexia.com/about-dyslexia/signs-of-dyslexia/common-characteristics-of-adult-dyslexia/

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