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Omar, thank you for my new French Saying "Petit Sourire"

This 13-year-old sweetie pie (Omar) was on summer vacation with his dad (Jason) here in Miami. And they wanted to take pictures just because! Plus vacation pictures are so much fun! He basically only spoke French, with a few words in English. I loved it I pick up quick on Dad saying Petit Sourire, which mean little smile. Each time I would say it loud and must likely completely wrong Omar would lose it laughing. He tries his best to teach me a few more words, for the few sayings I already had but I round my r's too hard. needless to say, we both had so much fun just making fun of me. LOL And in my book that is a perfect day. Thank you, Omar and Jason, for letting me into your world even if it what just for a few hours, I will always remember Petit Sourire because of you two!

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Hi, my name is Amy Gannon and I am the owner and main Photographer at Gannon Studios! Please don't mind my misspelling I have dyslexia and well I use Grammarly and my amazing touchscreen thingy on my MacBook Pro is great I still misspell a lot. If you would like to find out more about dyslexia check this out this link


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