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Vizcaya at Sunset

Locations sometimes it is all about the place. This amazing couple, newlyweds Mia & Patrick, call for their fantastic session, and well, they had Vizcaya on the mind. This time of year at 3:30 pm, Vizcaya comes alive. The colors are so vibrant and beautiful, and it's like a painting.

These two are just a hand full, and we spent the next two and a half hours laughing that

we didn't even realize we were the last ones left in Vizcaya. The time flew by like always at a session, but with these two, I time melted alway. I frantically packed up as the security guard ask us to leave. While my fantastic second shooter tried to snap the last shots. Now, if you are looking for an amazing place to do your shoot, this is the place. Honestly, the colors, the gardens, the buildings, I could go on and on. This place is just priceless.

Hi, my name is Amy Gannon and I am the owner and main Photographer at Gannon Studios! Please don't mind my misspelling I have dyslexia and well I use Grammarly and my amazing touchscreen thingy on my MacBook Pro is great I still misspell a lot. If you would like to find out more about dyslexia check this out this link

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