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Basic Terms & Conditions

  1. All images will be seen under a "PHOTO REVEAL"  Every photo session includes a customized, in-person Reveal meeting very between 1-4 weeks after your photo session (During the high session, November 1 to January 10, this may be from 1 to 10 weeks).  The location will either be in the studio or at a location near to our studio at a time that works with your schedule. It’s essential for everyone involved in the ordering process to attend this meeting, so we’ll coordinate schedules to find the perfect time. Having all persons and/or all decision-makers in this session as there is a $99.00 rescheduling fee.  WE DO NOT OFFER ANY IMAGES UNLESS THE REVEAL HAS BEEN COMPLETED. What is the reveal? Once the reveal is completed, is you wish to schedule another session the fee is $175. 

  2. All prices are subject to change without notice. This includes all session fees,  Other Fees: such as permit fees, parking fees, location fees, rental fees, and/or any other fees associated or incurred by the session. These fees may be added before the session or billed after the session. All products are also subject to change without notice. ALL SALE ARE FINAL THERE ARE NOT CREDITS AND NO TRANSFERS. 

  3. Ownership: any copyrightable works, ideas, discoveries, products, or other information (collectively, the "Work Product") developed in whole or in part by Gannon Studios, LLC in connection with the Service will be the exclusive property of Gannon Studios, LLC. Upon request, Gannon Studios, LLC will execute all documents necessary to confirm or perfect the exclusive ownership of Gannon Studios, LLC to the Work Product. The client can give prints of their images for only personal use, with a print release.

  4. All clients sign a contract, on date payment, one to five business after payment or at least 48 the session and/or event, if the contract is not signed Gannon Studios reserves the right to hold images, prints, albums or any products until the contract is signed. 

  5. PAYMENT: TO BOOK GANNON STUDIOS A PAYMENT MUST BE MADE TO BOOK YOUR SESSION. ALL SESSIONS REQUIRE A NONREFUNDABLE RETAINER. If payment is made at least 72 hours before your session, to secure your time and date. To reschedule you are required to pay the NORMAL SESSION FEE IN FULL (discounts, model call discounts, and gift certificates are non-transferable).

  6. "Print Credits" NO LONGER AVAILABLE UNLESS YOU ARE A CLIENT FOR LIFE. Effective 12/10/2018. Print Credits, may not be combined or used with any other sales, promotion, digital images, monthly special, discount, code, coupon, USB flash drive family, and/or other offers. Print credits cannot be used on previous purchases. Print Credits cannot be combined from any other sessions; only one print credit can use. Print Credits are only good at the time of the reveal and will expire at the reveal! If you have a gift certificate, either the print credit or the gift certificate, can not be used together, in this case, we will use the one with the greater value. Print Credit is for only prints items, such as canvas, gift prints, prints, albums, books of any kind, and so on. A PRINT CREDIT CANNOT BE USED FOR DIGITAL FILES. 

  7. Credits or Refunds: Gannon Studios, LLC does not offer a refund. However, there are small cases in which we do offer credits (not to be confused with print credits) if you receive a credit. It is only good for that same calendar year. If your credit is received closer to the end of the year, once the new calendar starts that credit will decrease by 50%. For example, your credit is $50, and it was given 12.01.2017, by 1.1.2018 it will be $25. 

  8. Orders & Payments:  All order place MUST BE PAID IN FULL! The client has 90 after the event to place their order; if the order is not placed by that time, there will be a $20 fee added each month until the client places their order. If you wish to cancel the order, any payment(s) made will be considered a cancellation fee. The client has 90 after the event or session to place their order; if the order is not placed by that time, there will be a $20 fee added each month until the client places their order. Any watch me grow, as I grow or client for life, the client has 90 after the session to place their order, if the order is not placed by that time there will be a $20 fee added each month until the client places their order. If you wish to cancel the order, any payment(s) made will be considered a cancellation fee.

  9. PHOTOGRAPHY CANCELLATION POLICY: For all sessions (except for model call & mini session see number 2. & 6.) , the client forfeits their session retainer paid to book the session date will act as a cancellation fee. However, if cancellation is needed, it must be made at least 48 hours prior to the date of the session and can be rescheduled for a later date. However, there may be additional charges associated with the rescheduling, such as permit fees, location fees, rental fees, and/or any other fees associated or incurred by the session.   WE WILL ONLY RESCHEDULE A SESSION ONCE (WITH A $99 OR HALF OF YOU SESSION FEE AS RESCHEDULING FEE ) after you pass the 48 hours client forfeits the retainer. If the client wishes to reschedule the session more then ONE TIME, they will have to pay the full session fee.                     

    1. Any cancellation made after the 48 hours cut off, with be considered a no show. If the client does not arrive at all for your session without 48 HOUR prior notice as stated above,  THEY WILL BE CONSIDER A "NO SHOW" the retainer will be completely forfeited and Gannon Studios, LLC  WILL NOT reschedule.

    2. If your session is a Model call, GROUPON and/or a Mini Session  THERE WILL BE NO RESCHEDULING OF THE SESSION. 

    3. It is understood that if this is a "Rain or Shine," the shoot is in no way affected by inclement weather. For the outdoor shoot, Customer shall in-door closed area for us to shoot in. The photographer reserves the right, in good faith, to stop or cancel the shoot should the weather pose a potential danger to the photographer, the equipment, or subject.  Every effort will be made to continue the shoot. However, safety is paramount in all decisions.

    4.  In the event of circumstances deemed to present a threat or implied a threat of injury or harm Gannon Studios, LLC staff or any equipment in Gannon Studios, LLC possession, Gannon Studios reserves the right to cease shoot. If the Customer is able to resolve the threatening situation in a reasonable amount of time (maximum of 15 minutes), Gannon Studios, LLC shall resume shoot in accordance with the original terms of this agreement. The customer shall be responsible for payment in full, regardless of whether the situation is resolved or whether Gannon Studios, LLC resumes performance.

    5. The client agrees to hold Photographer harmless for any personal injury which may occur as the Client poses or works with Photographer.




*** ** DIGITAL FILE(S): DOWNLOADING YOUR DIGITAL FILE(S) IS IMPORTANT! When we send you, your digital files, they are archived. Once they are archived, it is a process to download them again can take anywhere for 2 hours to 8 hours depending on the file size, so it is important is download before they expire. We DO NOT FORGET TO DOWNLOAD YOUR IMAGE(S), RESENDING YOUR IMAGES HAS A $199 FEE.


These are all basic terms and conditions. However, some sessions or events terms, That maybe not be listed here. If you have a question, please call us at 305.588.7210 or email us at


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