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Director of  Photography &

 Chief Photographer

Amy Gannon

Second Shooter, 

Photographer &

Lighting Assistant

Grant Gannon

Director & Chief Photographer

Victoria Gannon

In the Beginning


 Well, it all when a dear friend lent Grant Gannon an older digital Nikon model along with some decent lenses. Grant went wild, studied and practiced until he had nature and landscape shots that looked great on canvas.


Capturing scenery was fabulous. Next, Amy Gannon encouraged him to start capturing people,  and after a fun portrait session with his younger sister with a breathtaking Oregon background during a trip, we knew we were doing something others would enjoy and want! 

Grant loved the art so much he got a certificate in Professional Photography from an

online academy in New York and studied different kinds of lighting. 


Grant and Amy Gannon are now a seasoned and skilled Miami Photography team who are passionate about capturing precious moments. We know how to handle everything from your family portraits to covering large corporate events. As your photographers, Gannon Studios, LLC will capture those special moments you'll treasure while adding a creative twists that inspires. We are familiar with South Florida locations and can help you figure out the best spot for your next shoot.

In 2015, after a few years of experience, Grant and Amy Gannon officially opened Gannon Studios, LLC. 

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