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Would you like to be part of our Free Session Giveaway

Model Call Rules!

1. You must live in South Florida (Dade or Broward county).

2. All both new and current clients can enter.

3. Must schedule the session within 30 days, of CONSULTATION, however in high season must be with the same month.

4. There is 1 digital image in this Model Call!

5. You will receive one 11X14 fine art print of your choosing and a 30-day gallery.

6. $100 print credit toward a package of at least $499

7. Value of $499 for session 

8. Max 4 people per session

9. We do not cover the location or cleaning (due to COVID) Fees, and the fees can range from

about $45 to $250 an hour.

10. The client will be charged for the parking fee (if they are any).

11. The client must have a consultation and sign a contract.

12. All sessions have a review aka reveal session in which they see their image that is held in our office in Doral, or online do to COVID (if we move the address will be given to the client when they book the review session).

13. Gannon Studios will have the final see of the locations and more locations used for the session.

14. Gannon Studios, with need all outfits the client plans to wear two weeks before their session, or it will be canceled.

15.*PLEASE do not come to the session sick, thank you! This is important just let me know and we will change it. So no shoes are allowed and everyone but the person being shot must wear a mask!

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